Top 7 James Bond Seductions

Many things are to be expected when watching a James Bond film. You should expect to see some cool gadgets, martinis (shaken,not stirred) and of course Bond Girls.

Friday the 13th Movies: Ranked Worst to Best

Jason Voorhees and the ‘Friday the 13th’ franchise are both staples in amercian culture. The franchise has spawned twelve films, a television show, novels, and multiple comic books from 1980 to present day. Jason has LITERALLY been to hell and back including New York and even outer space. Check out this list ranking the films…

A Retrospective: Hackers

Today, technology changes within seconds. What was hot in October is now obsolete in November. Thanks to tablets, dsl, thumbdrives, and wi-fi, we forget many of the things that started the evolution. If you look to your left and right, anybody who doesn’t know how to use an iphone, we see as someone who’s stuck…

Signs You’re About To Be Murdered by a Movie Slasher

When you watch Wes Craven’s 1996 classic ‘Scream’ Jamie Kennedy clearly lays out the rules to survive a horror movie. No sex, never say “you’ll be right back” because you wont be back, etc. This list fleshes out some of the cliches your already familiar with.

Things You’ll See In Every Tim Burton Movie

With over 20 years of filmmaking under his belt Tim Burton has directed 16 films and produced 12. Love him or hate him he has dominated the box office for the majority of his career. His success should be attributed partly to the fact that he had found a formula for success and he sticks…

The 50 Scariest Movie Monsters Of All Time

Everybody has their opinion of whats scary. Since the birth of moviemaking movie monsters have dominated theaters and our nightmares. Check out the list of the 50 Scariest Monsters in Movie History.

BT’s Top 10 Horror Movies

The opinions in this article do not reflect the opinions of JarvisCity. This is not a definitive list, just the opinions of one man.

Inaccuracies In Films

You really should’nt let fact checkers affect your movie viewing expierence but just out of curiousity check out a few examples of films that got the facts wrong.